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DNA Memorial products and services are available through your funeral director.

HB Vials 2The DNA Memorial

Home Banking is the most economical offering of our services and products. The sample DNA is placed inside a sealed sterile vial with content identification.

The DNA Memorial Home Banking may be banked in non extreme conditions and room temperature for future testing.

For more information see our FAQs page.


With each DNA Memorial Home banking sample, you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity. The information contained in the certificate is as follows:

Name: The name of the deceased

Date: The date of issuance for the certificate (please note that this date is formatted DD/MM/YYYY)

Quantity DNA: The amount of DNA encapsulated in your DNA Memorial Home Banking vial

ID#: Your DM number identifies the casefile for this individual and allows quick access to the individuals file at the DNA Memorial laboratory

DOB: The date of birth for the recently departed (please note that this date is formatted DD/MM/YY)

DNA Memorial Custom Jewelry & Crystals

(includes the HOME BANKING solution with each piece) > CLICK HERE <

DNA Banking 3DNA Facility Secure Banking

Our  DNA Facility Secure Banking maximizes the safe preservation of the DNA sample.  Your medical and historical genetics are secure in our state of the art facility. The sample environment is strictly monitored and actively maintained for ideal preservation conditions. These conditions virtually exclude the possibility of damage or degredation to all genetic material present. If you chose the DNA Facility Secure Banking option you will need to sign the DNA Memorial Banking Agreement. You can download it the pdf by right clicking DNA Memorial Banking Agreement)


On 16th June 2014 I lost my beautiful daughter Orla Rose after a 9 year battle with cystic fibrosis a day I will never forget. Today is another day I will not forget as today myself and Orla's sister received an amazing piece of jewelry and more importantly it is made from Orla's DNA so I now have a piece of my baby right beside my heart. Words cannot describe the feeling I got when I placed it on my neck for the first time, I will be forever grateful to have been offered this opportunity to keep a little bit of her close to me at all times. ~Sharon Mullins, Newry Ireland
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